As a Children's Ambassador,
Fairy Sparkle waves her wand over everyone she meets,
improving the Hospital experience for
all patients,
especially our children


Fairy Sparkle on Channel 10's The Project, Wednesday 7 December 2011

Fairy's life's work is visiting the sickest patients, especially children,
in our hospitals.

She brings smiles to sad faces, lifts spirits that are sagging, inspires those that need it, sits with those in the depths of despair and has held the hand
of many 'passing'.

She believes every hospital needs a special garden - a place for patients and their families. This is essential for wellbeing and recovery. This is not just a dream, she has inspired many to help her build 8 gardens over the past 12 years with many more to come.

Fairy has also developed Sparkle Karaoke finding singing with patients and their families lifts everyone's spirits and bridges the gap between home
and hospital.

If her very presence with a wand, bells and sparkles brings a smile and warms a heart then she is indeed one
very happy Fairy.



Fairy Sparkle singing "We Are The World" with kids from St Bakhita Orphanage, Dili, on a recent trip to East Timor with Humpty Dumpty Foundation, and Killara Primary School, in Sydney
Two Worlds, One Voice

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